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ATTENTION!!!! We’ve got a LAST MINUTE ADDITION! We KNOW you love The Suicide Girls just as much as we do, so get your ticket right meow before you regret it later!


I can’t believe I’ve been so against instagram… there’s a lot of cool stuff going on over there!
Fun night #budtenderlife #mmj #719 #420 #coloradosprings #thetreehouse #AspenOG #KrustytheClown

Fun night #budtenderlife #mmj #719 #420 #coloradosprings #thetreehouse #AspenOG #KrustytheClown



Stayed up way too late obsessing about colorado, again.

I love this.
Come see me in Colorado Springs :)
I’d love to dab you out fat and show you around!

Let’s do it together Kenzie^!

New album titled “Till Death Do Us Party” coming soon!


New album titled “Till Death Do Us Party” coming soon!


New edibles in stock, New flavor Cookies and Cream is out, tried it tonight and it’s certified bomb!

Pictured on bottom left is BlackBerry Kush and on bottom right Dawg Waltz

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This blog is for ya know…
Spotlighting Colorado Artists.

Unlimited Stoner Promo


Goes until I make the lists

One list of my favourites and separate lists for the rest!

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last night was interesting.

we decided to see what was going on in town and I saw that K. Flay was playing at the Black Sheep. he just did two dates with air Dubai in Greeley in Fort Collins. when I looked online I wanted to see who else is going to be playing with him. I saw the words Air Dubai in rushed out the door. I got to the venue in time and was able to purchase tickets! when I looked at my tickets I noticed that they read “Air Dubai dj”. I’ll be honest, I was bummed but I decided to continue my night. then I got inside and noticed him, standing there in skinny jeans and a leather jacket. Julian!!! I was completely starstruck. my favorite band of all time!!!!

I took a deep breath, here was my chance. I said excuse me I’m so sorry to bother you but I’m your biggest fan. I said I work at a local dispensary here in town and I have some of our product. Perhaps we can go outside real quick? He said oh, I’m sorry, I don’t really smoke…

I said oh, so you just rap and sing about it?? he said well that’s really mostly John…
so I got to meet an idol and he wasn’t really who he’s been claiming to be.

A little mad, a little disappointed.


The US Air Force Academy radio station, KAFA 97.7 fm, is the best radio station in Colorado Springs. One of the cadets that runs it is a huge Killers fan and so random Killers tracks get played.


When you know you in #Colorado.  (at Colorado Springs, Colorado)


When you know you in #Colorado. (at Colorado Springs, Colorado)